The Father's Day Gift Guide for a Stoner Dad in 2021

He’s the family chauffeur, plumber, sports coach, gardener and caretaker. 

He plays many roles, shouldering many responsibilities, so much so that you want to give him something to relax those hardworking shoulders. 

Then you realize that Father’s day is around the corner and you still haven’t figured out what gift to buy him. Double panic!! 

Well, at YoungSavvy, we want you and your father to live a relaxed and panic free life. That’s why, no matter what your Dad’s style, we’ve got something exciting for that delightful person in your life that you call your hero. 

 For the fathers who like to get straight to the point, we offer beautifully handcrafted glass pipes. Made out of high quality glass and reasonably priced, they are easy to use, clean, and they don't break easily. Furthermore, if your Dad was raised in the time of Bob Marley and enjoys reggae, then what could be better than our Rasta Hand pipes for him to kick off his shoes and listen to some positive vibrations. 

 For the fathers who in their free time like to kick it back and crack open a cold one taking all the time in the world, we offer fancy and elegant bongs like our straight shooter zong electro fume or the straight shooter honeycomb bong. Watch him enjoy and relax with each and every drag or even better, join him as you use this time to bond with him about his good ‘ol days. You would be surprised that a gift for him could end up being a gift for both of you. 

For the fathers who like to go full manual and do not shy away from getting their hands dirty, why not feed into his feeling and happy place by getting him all the accessories for his smoking needs such as the Raw classic rolling paper, magnetic trays, lighters and grinders. Sometimes, many small gifts collectively make it a wonderful present. 

 So what are you waiting for? After an entire year of lockdown craziness, give your father a gift that will help him relax and be tension-free. When it comes to gifting high quality products without breaking a bank, you can trust YoungSavvy to have your back, just like our Fathers do. 

Recommended Bong

What Bongs to Buy Your Dad for Father's Day 2020? I'm sure he'll love Straight Shooter Zong Electro Fume. They come in a transperent color and they come in blue. And we know your dad will appreciate these beautiful colors that would perk up any room in the house or garden: blue green yellow purple pink red black clear

How about a Hand pipe?

Hand pipes are the best way to smoke weed. They're easy to use, clean, and they don't break easily. You'll never have to worry about your hand pipe breaking again because these bad boys are made of high-quality materials that will last you a lifetime!

Get yourself one today! We've got all sorts of colors and designs for you to choose from so there's something perfect for everyone. And if you want more than just a hand pipe, we also sell bongs and bubblers too!

Make this Father’s Day one that he will remember for being a fun one. Check out these perfect gifts for that pot friendly papa in your life. 

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are looking for some fun gift ideas, we have a few suggestions that your dad will love. We can help you find gifts for dads who enjoy smoking pot or drinking beer with their buddies.

Whether he spends his time listening to classic rock on vinyl in his man cave or relaxing at home while watching Netflix, there is something here that he will adore! Choose from our list of perfect Father’s Day gifts now before they sell out. Call us today to make sure you get what you need by June 18th!