American-Made Hand Pipes for Best Price and Quality!

Hand pipes are the romanticized remnants of the bygone era when tobacco smoking was in vogue and filter-free (those lungs REALLY suffered). Think of Sherlock Holmes, puffing his pipe while trying to memory palace the solution of a difficult case or Frank Sinatra, who epitomized cool, with his musical prowess. While a number of new equipments have been introduced to maximize your smoking experience, there is still something natural about the raw feeling of just placing the flame at the end of your pipe and taking a hit. Thankfully, with different oil and concentrates available at your disposal, your lungs will be grateful for your nicotine-free puff while your mind enjoys its relaxing sensation.

Smokers prefer hand pipes for the hassle-free smoking experience. In addition to that, you can make several combinations with available add-ons. Additionally, people love them for their portability as well as the material variety. You can choose for beautifully designed glass hand pipes or artistically crafted wooden hand pipes. If you have butter fingers then you might benefit from purchasing silicone hand pipes so that they survive your tough love.

The design of a hand pipe is pretty straight forward. It is made of three parts - The Bowl, Carb and Chamber Shaft, and that is it. No complex levers, no lego-like assembly. Each hand pipe comes self-equipped to smoke right out of the box.

If you want to smoke herbs or any other dry substance, just pack it in the bowl, set it alight and take in the joy. As simple as 1-2-3. However, you do want to be mindful about overindulgence i.e. packing too much stuff into the bowl. This might restrict the airflow through the bowl and could result in uneven burning of the herbs, resulting in wasted herbs and an unbalanced smoke (Hulk sad). The airflow is also regulated by the carb so you want to avoid blocking it. As you might have learned in your Fire 101 classes, less air means terrible fire and suboptimal smoke. You can also alter the warmth of the smoke by choosing a longer length of chamber shaft however it worth keeping in mind that the difference is not likely to be that high however it will make you look cooler and from the Victorian Era.

Handpipes are handy little smoking pipes to have at your disposal for a frizzle-free smoking and perfect for smokers who like to get straight to the point. Check out our collection of beautifully crafted glass hand pipes that you can admire for their craftsmanship and design while you are smoking through them because here, at YoungSavvy, we sell delighted experiences, curated just for you!